Chamber Forging Furnaces

Steel preheating chamber furnaces; are used to preheat steel parts in forges that process medium-weight and small forgings. Typical operating ;temperatures are up to 1,300 °C; the capacity of the largest furnaces ever supplied is 80 tonnes (charge weight) with hearths sized 5.6×6.5 m and heating speeds normally up to 100°C per hour. Unlike car bottom furnaces, their chamber counterparts need charge handling (loading/unloading) equipment.

Regarding their almost non-stop utilization at high temperatures, forging chamber furnaces are preferably fitted with heating systems with regenerative burners hat promise maximum fuel savings and substantially reduce the carbon dioxide contents in the fumes exhausted into the atmosphere. The burners also make use of all state-of- the-art technologies to reduce the nitrogen oxides emissions.

A special version includes such arrangement of the furnace heating and control system that allows utilization of the temporarily doubled maximum capacity of this heating system. This function is used to speed up the preheating process when e.g. the furnace is started up fully charged or for the quickest possible additional heating up to the forging temperature to suppress the process of scale generation.