Chamber Furnaces for Heat Treatment of Coiled Aluminum Sheets

Sheet aluminum coil or packet annnealing chamber furnaces are constructed as gas-proof units that can be operated both in air and under nitrogen atmosphere. Operating temperatures range up to 650 °C. Electrical resistance heaters in compact cartridges and/or radiant pipes with gas-fired burners inside are used as a source of heat.

The furnaces are equipped with a powerful JET-system for controlled intense circulation of the furnace atmosphereIt is exactly this system that will ensure a perfectly uniform temperature field in the furnace interior and throughout the charge with deviations in range ± 2°C, once the temperature conditions become stabilized. Furthermore, the increased convection and properly channeled airflows inside the furnace result in considerably shorter charge heating and cooling times, and thus also a substantial increase in the furnace throughput.

The furnace is equipped with controlled extraction of fumes from rolling emulsion that evolve during the initial phases of the cycle, further with the furnace atmosphere cooler with the cooling air circulation fan. Thus, complete heat treatment takes place in the furnace under protective atmosphereincluding final cooling of the charge down to 200 °C or lower.

The charge is placed in the furnace via the opening in the front wall, which is fitted with a vertically operated sliding door. The charge is seated on the furnace loading trolley; at other times a group of several furnaces and lay-by tables is serviced by a travelling platform used to move the charge into the furnace on loading frames.