Chamber Furnaces for Heat Treatment of Steel

Furnaces of the above type are used for heat treatment of steel forgings, rolled section bars, mainly those small in section (in bundles), and also castings, as rule, at temperatures ranging from ca 250 °C to 1,150 °C. They chiefly serve for normalization, preheating prior to hardening and tempering operations. The group of chamber furnaces can be expanded to include hardening baths and handling equipment, thus creating a complete heat treatment line.

A special product is also available: A chamber furnace with fixed hearth and mobile furnace body with vertical sliding door. This arrangement has retained the advantage of car bottom furnaces, i.e. easy access to the loaded hearth with the furnace body moved away, but the fixed hearth will simultaneously ensure stability of the charge, even if there is a rather complicated arrangement of parts in columns and layers.