Fire Resistance Testing Furnaces

Fire resistance testing furnaces have been developed mainly to satisfy the needs of authorized test laboratories when they verify, test and prove the fire rating mainly of:

  • flat building parts and  panelling of the building openings
  • sheet glass
  • structural parts of buildings

These furnaces are also used by a number of building material and sheet glass manufacturers for regular quality verifications of their output and also for testing, research and engineering development of new products.

The furnaces are to be used for testing up to 1350 °C (temperature inside furnace). Fire resistance testing can be carried out by means of them, with the course of the temperature copying the following fire simulation curves:

  • normal curve,
  • external fire curve,
  • slow heating curve,
  • hydrocarbon curve,
  • modified hydrocarbon curve,
  • RWS curve,
  • as well as curves the purchaser can set at his own discretion.

These furnaces have been designed in compliance with the requirements of EN 1363-1:1999, which defines fire-resistance testing conditions, and EN 1363-3:1998, on test furnaces characteristics and related testing procedures.