Roller-Hearth Furnaces

Continuous roller-hearth furnaces for the heat treatment of sectional materials (round bars, flat steel, sections, pipes), sheet steel and also coiled wires on trays are supplied along with direct/indirect charge heating systems working under protective atmosphere.

These roller-hearth furnaces are always customized in design according to

  • types of charges to be treated as specified
  • desirable resulting properties of the heat-treated materials
  • desirable final quality of material surface

These furnaces are designed for temperatures up to 1,150 °C, sometimes up to 1,450°C where special purposes (e.g. ferrite firing kiln) are to be met. The roller conveyance system is rated to withstand the furnace temperatures, depending on the type and weight of the charges.

The technologies and all the operating safety measures for the 100% hydrogen atmospherehave been applied within the reconstruction of the line for bright annealing of austenitic and duplex steel pipes intended for the manufacture of undersea bundles of pipes used for crude oil extraction from the sea bottom.