E-THERM Group specializes in industrial furnace construction and heat treatment plant construction

E-therm TZ s.r.o. is a dynamically-developing Czech company doing business in the area of industrial furnaces and heat treating equipment. The company activities follow the more than sixty-year long tradition of the development and deliveries of industrial furnaces of the biggest furnace producer in the former Czechoslovakia. For the time of its operation at the market, E-therm TZ s.r.o. company has built up a circle of regular satisfied customers and achieved recognition from expert public. Equipment supplied by E-therm TZ s.r.o. company is notable for its high quality and usable value, low energy consumption, environmental friendliness and long-term reliability and service life.

The company delivers to the market not only the reliablestandard furnaces, but it also develops the new, highly efficient and special-purpose technologies. This is why the customers of E-therm TZ s.r.o. include primarily the manufacturers of power generating equipment, special large-sized forgings, large shafts and rotors, crankshafts, transport equipment and also parts for aircraft industry. Namely the aircraft industry was supplied with many furnaces in recent years; fulfilment of all standards and requirements applied in this exacting branch was proved.

Wide range of industrial furnaces - customized solutions

Various special equipment has been developed and installed in accordance with the customers’ needs, such as a line for the heat treatment of long corrosion-proof pipes for submarine cables, line for the production of coated strips (transformer sheets), equipment for heat stabilisation of turbine rotors or furnaces for fire-resistance testing of building industry materials and structural elements.

As a supplier of equipment that consumes large amounts of energies, E-therm TZ s.r.o. offers its equipment with the highest efficiency and thus the lowest operating costs. In addition, the gas-heated furnaces are watched for maximal efficiency of the waste heat from the outgoing waste-gases which, apart from the fuel savings, leads also to reduction of greenhouse gases emissions and thus has a significant effect for the sustainable development of the environment.

We consider the high service comfort, programmability and process automation as a matter of course.

E-therm TZ s.r.o. company supplies the equipment on a turnkey basis not only to EU-countries but also to CIS, Asia and the USA.

Our furnace solutions