Walking Beam Furnaces

Walking beam furnaces are used to heat up billets and ingot slabs in rolling mills and to perform heat treatment.

  • Walking beam furnaces for pre-rolling heating of semi-finished items and continuous cast blooms
  • Walking beam furnaces for heat treatment lines

Both low-capacity furnaces (such as those for rolling mills that make special sections for the automotive industry, 2.2 tonnes/hr) and medium and high-capacity furnaces of types with single-sided and double-sided (upper and lower) heating, side and front loading/unloading, as well as other variants are available in the E-THERM range ; of walking beam heating furnaces. Technical designs and concepts are always selected depending on the specified parameters of the materials to be heated up.

Particular designs of walking beam furnaces for the heat treatment of bar/shaft-shaped charges, such as products of rotary forging, are based on well-proven concepts of walking beam mechanisms with non-cooled metal beams and on double-sided heating of the material. The purpose is to achieve a high level of temperature field homogeneity and symmetric distribution of temperatures throughout the charge.